Everyone is welcome to use our facilities for a casual entry fee. If you're a regular user, a membership is a better value option. To find out more about our memberships, visit our memberships page.

For more information, visit us during our opening hours or feel free to contact us.

  • Aquatics
    Swim (adult) $6.25
    Swim (concession or child) $5.25
    Family swim  (1 adult + 3 children or 2 adults + 2 children) $13.50
    Spectator (adult supervising a child over 10, not entering the water) Free 
  • Gym
    Casual gym (18+) $17.95
    Casual gym (18+, concession) $13.95
    Health consultation & program induction $95.00
  • Group fitness
    Group fitness class $17.80
    Group fitness class (concession) $13.80
    Active Adults group fitness class $9.50
  • Risky Kids
    Please see our Risky Kids page for more information about the program.  
    Risky Kids program (per week) $17.95
  • Birthday parties
       per person
    Non-catered   $18.50
    Deposit  $65.00
    For more information and booking requirements, please visit our birthday parties page.

  • Personal training prices
    Casual sessions Price
    30 minute 1:1 $46.00
    30 minute 2:1 $60.00
    30 minute 3:1 $54.00
    Multi-visit packs x 5  
    30 minute 1:1  $230.00
    30 minute 2:1 $300.00
    30 minute 3:1 $270.00
    Multi-visit packs x 10
    30 minute 1:1    $414.00
    30 minute 2:1 $540.00
    30 minute 3:1 $486.00

  • Child care prices

    Prices for sessional care (for parents and carers using our facilities) and occasional care (for parents and carers leaving the facility) are the same. So you can access quality, affordable child care no matter what your plans are.

     Single child  Family pass (up to four children)
     Members Non-members Members  Non-members 
     $7.80  $9.80  $12.80  $16.80

    Late fees

    We charge a fee for late collection of your child. The fee is $1.00 per minute, per family.

    Paying fees

    Fees can be paid by debit, cash or credit card at the centre.

    Bookings are essential. Call us or come in and see one of our friendly staff.

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