Today’s parents and kids are faced with greater challenges than ever when it comes to mental, physical and social health.

  • Decreased outdoor play
  • Low emotional and physical resilience
  • High rates of childhood obesity
  • Decreased sense of identity

At Risky Kids, the goal is to develop risk intelligence and help children reach their potential by utilising developmental psychology; “Risky Play”. Children are guided through a process to gain a better understanding of their minds and bodies through risks and challenges. This program incorporates elements of parkour, free running, acrobatics and stunt skills.

‘Risky Play’ encourages children to manage perceived risks and build their confidence with the guidance of Risky Kids coaches.

The benefits of the program:

• improve resilience and persistence
• improve judgement and courage
• improve physical ability and health
• greater social awareness.

To learn more about the program, please visit the Risky Kids website.

Program Information

• The program runs Wednesday and Fridays 4 PM.
• For more information on prices, please visit our prices page.

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