Horsham YMCA School Holiday Program is a child care service offered by the Y to support local Horsham families. 

The program is based in the Horsham Community Sports Pavilion (59 Dimboola Road, Horsham), It's only five minutes from our centre.

This facility includes the Rosebrook multi-purpose building and sports oval.

If your child is aged between 5 – 12 years old and enrolled in primary school, our programs will continue to deliver them with experiences that are the right mixture of fun, adventure and interest based activities.

Their upcoming Spring School Holiday Program will run from Monday 21 September - Friday 2 October 2020 and includes a memorable set of in-house activities.

Scroll down to view a full list of days or download the program flyer. The daily fee for this in-house for this program is $77.14.

Bookings can be made through your My Family Lounge account.

Date Program details
21 Sept
Magical Moments
Dress as your favourite Harry Potter character and ride with us to Hogwarts for a day at magic school.
22 Sept
Ready, Steady, Cook!
Today the food journey is in your hands. You get to make a variety of delicious foods to enjoy throughout the day. Yummy!
23 Sept
Building and Deconstruction
We get the hammers and glue out to construct our very own creations and look inside technology to see how it is made.
24 Sept
Crazy Colour Day
Make your hair crazy colours, create colourful artwork masterpieces and get coloured head to toe at our colour run.
25 Sept
It's Spring Time!
Celebrate the beginning of Spring with Spring time activities. We will get busy in the garden planting for the new season.
28 Sept
Community Kindness Day
Our community is so important to us and we want to give back. We will make and share kindness stones, Busy Boxes for people in hospital and create a kindness mural.
29 Sept
Science Day
We're bringing the excitement of science to blow your mind with experiments of all shapes and sizes. It will be a fun filled day of STEM activities.
30 Sept
Puppet Theatre
Create your puppets and build our puppet theatre. We will write and perform our very own puppet show!
1 Oct
Sports Galore
Come dressed in your favourite team colours and join in the fun for a day filled with heaps of sporting activities.
2 Oct
Party Day*
It's party time! Come along and celebrate the last day of the holidays with heaps of fun games, activities and yummy food!

*Please speak to service about any dietary requirements.

Booking and enrolments

Bookings and enrolments for the School Holiday Program are managed through an online system called My Family Lounge.

Bookings are opened shortly prior to a programs commencement. If you are new to the program, please register online.

For additional advice on the process, please read our booking and enrolment process. 

COVID-19 Updates

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and are taking every precaution recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to ensure the health and safety of the children, staff and families who attend our centres.

We have decided not to run excursions or incursions for this program, based on recommendations and health advice related to COVID-19. It's simply the safest way to protect children, families, staff and third party suppliers during this period.

The situation continues to evolves as Victoria takes ‘steps toward COVID normal’. As new information becomes available we are communicating to families directly and updating a COVID-19 Updates page located on the main YMCA Children's Programs website.

CCS Reminder

If you're new to our services or your enrolment details have recently, we suggest revising your Child Care Subsidy (CCS) status. Get started by visiting the Services Australia website.

  • Session Information

    Educator-to-Child Ratios

    1:15 ratio for children over preschool age (5 years). 
  • Enrolment, Bookings and Cancellations

    My Family Lounge

    Our services use an online booking and enrolment system called My Family Lounge.

    This paperless systems allows you to:

    • Enrol your child/ren in our programs
    • Submit a new booking request
    • Manage existing bookings
    • Update your contact details

    My Family Lounge can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices (download the app via the Apple App Store or Google Play). This allows you to update your details at your convenience.

    Already have a My Family Lounge account with YMCA Children's Programs? Sign in here or via the portal below.

    New to our program? Create a My Family Lounge account by registering with a username and password. You will then receive an email with a link to validate your account.

    Once this is complete you'll be directed to the main dashboard to submit contact details, enrolment details and can submit a booking request.

    We've outlined the key steps below to support you through this process.


    As you complete the enrolment process you will be asked to provide certain information in to register your child into our program.

    We suggest preparing the following documentation before setting up an account:

    • Contact information: Contact information is required for the person who will be responsible for the account. Please note: The primary contact would also be the parent or guardian registered for Centrelink benefits.

    • Secondary contact: You will also be asked to add a secondary contact, which is the additional parent/guardian.

    • Billing information: Your child cannot commence care with us until a payment method has been set up. Please provide the following billing information: credit card details or bank card details.

    • Supporting documents: Action plans, birth certificates and immunisation history statements.


    Submitting a booking request for your child's preferred start date and day(s) of care puts their name on the waitlist at the centre you have selected.

    Booking requests are made via your My Family Lounge account clicking 'new request' under the 'booking request' section. Please follow the guided four step process and click 'save' once completed.

    Our centre wait lists are maintained and reviewed to ensure fairness and equality for all families wishing to enrol their child in our program.

    Once you have received via email your offer of place for your child to attend, you will have three days to accept it. If you have not accepted your offer within three days, it will expire and those requested days will be released . You may resubmit another booking request and follow the same process.

    Casual Bookings are a one-off booking which families can use for additional or occasional days of care. These bookings are subject to availability.


    If possible, please give us 24 hours notice of cancellations.

    Where that's not possible, please let us know by 7:30am on the day of your booked session. If cancellation occurs within 24 hours due to illness, we will offer a credit on presentation of a Doctor's Certificate.   

  • Fees, Payment and Subsidy

    The daily fee for this in-house for the upcoming spring program is $77.14.

    Members of Horsham Aquatic Centre receive a 10% discount.

    Account Management Fees

    The following account management fees are applicable to all families.

    Credit card fee 1.5% inc GST
    Dishonour fee
    $20.00 inc GST
    Reinstatement for suspended accounts
    $100.00 inc GST
    Debit payments

    YMCA Children’s Programs operates on a fortnightly debit cycle to withdraw payments for our services.

    On a debit week, families will receive an account statement on the Monday and the direct debit is processed on the Thursday.

    The debit cycle withdraws payments for the subsequent two weeks of care your family has booked.

    This process is managed by the YMCA Children's Programs Customer Service Team. Their contact details are listed below.

    Child Care Subsidy

    This program qualifies for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) offered by the Federal Government.

    The CCS is calculated by a number of factors including: activity level, combined family income, service type and hourly rates.

    Click here to learn learn more about the subsidy.

  • Customer Service Team

    The direct debit process and account enquiries are managed by our centralised YMCA Children's Programs Customer Service Team.

    This team are your new point of contact for any account, statement and payment enquiries.

    Contact details:

    Families are able to update their bank details at any time by completing this online form.

  • Location

    The program is based in the Horsham Community Sports Pavilion (59 Dimboola Road, Horsham). 

    It operates within the Rosebrook multi-purpose building and sports oval.

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