Our aquatic group fitness program includes classes that are specially tailored for older adults, people with a disability or people who have an injury.

Aquatic group fitness classes have a duration of 50 to 60 minutes and are run by qualified instructors who will provide a safe and gentle environment, so you can keep fit and healthy.

  • How to book your aquatic group fitness class online
    1. Login to your online account using your email address and password. 
    2. Select ‘Book’ from the main menu.
    3. Select ‘Group fitness’ from the sub-menu.
    4. Use the filter to select your activity type i.e. 'Group Fitness – Aqua'.                    
    5. Select 'Book now'.
    6. Select 'Book now' again.                                                                                       
      • Accounts with multiple payment plans will be prompted which individual they wish to register. 
    7. Make payment (casuals only). 
      • Pay for a single session via credit / debit card. 

    Credit / debit card

    1. Enter your credit / debit card details.
    2. Make payment.
    3. Check for your email for confirmation.
  • How to cancel your aquatic group fitness booking
    1. Login to your online account
      • Use your email and password.
    2. Cancel booking
      • Navigate to 'My Bookings'.
      • Select 'Cancel Booking'.
  • Class guidelines

    When you participate in an aquatic group fitness class, you should:

    • tell the instructor if you have any injuries before the class starts;
    • stay till the end of the class;
    • put equipment away after the class.

    Youth members must attend a health planning session and induction with a parent or guardian before attending group fitness classes.

  • Prices
    See our group fitness prices.

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