Slow, medium or fast, we’ve got a lane for you.

Our 25 metre indoor pool is available all year round for lap swimming. We keep at least two lanes available for lap swimming plus one lane for unstructured activity.

During summer, you can also swim laps in our 50 metre seasonal outdoor pool.

At different times of the year, lap lanes may be limited or closed to accommodate school carnivals and other special events. We'll notify you before the closure date.

Lap lane availability

Indoor pool 25m

Outdoor pool 50m

Benefits of lap swimming

Regular lap swimming is a great way to improve your overall health and fitness.

The activity uses nearly all of your muscle groups, which is fantastic for building strength and endurance while improving your flexibility, coordination, balance and posture. Plus, it's a low impact exercise. This makes it a great option if you want to ease into a workout.

Not only is lap swimming good for the body, but it has benefits for our mental wellbeing too. The repetitive nature of lap swimming relaxes the mind – simply focus on your swimming strokes and let any stresses float away! Come in for a swim today.

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