At the Horsham Aquatic Centre we offer 30 minute personal training sessions outdoors. You can work 1:1 with a trainer or with a friend as a 2:1 session.

Working with a personal trainer is a great way to boost your confidence in the gym, refine your technique, and help you reach your fitness goals sooner. At Horsham Aquatic Centre we offer 30 minute personal training sessions in a one on one, one on two or small group setting.

Our personal trainers have a passion for health and wellness. Many also have qualifications in special fields such as rehabilitation, pre and post-natal fitness, youth exercise and working with older adults.

Our personal trainers can assist with: 

  • fitness;
  • nutrition;
  • older adults;
  • post-natal fitness;
  • rehabilitation;
  • youth exercise. 

  • Personal training prices
    Casual sessions Price
    30 minute 1:1 $46.00
    30 minute 2:1 $60.00
    30 minute 3:1 $54.00
    Multi-visit packs x 5  
    30 minute 1:1  $230.00
    30 minute 2:1 $300.00
    30 minute 3:1 $270.00
    Multi-visit packs x 10
    30 minute 1:1    $414.00
    30 minute 2:1 $540.00
    30 minute 3:1 $486.00

How to book personal training

You can book personal training online for 1:1 or 2:1 sessions. Please see our guides below for help with booking your session.

If you require an alternative time or trainer, or you would like to organise a bigger group personal training session, please use the enquire form below.

  • How to book personal training sessions online
    1. Login to your online account using your email address and password.
    2. In the main menu select 'Book'.
    3. In the sub menu select 'Personal training'.
    4. Select your trainer and your date and time. If your trainer is not showing any availability, please enquire. 
    5. Select 'Book now' on your preferred time.
    6. Use the drop-down arrow to select your duration.
    7. Select your start time.
    8. Select your corresponding purchase.
    9. Select 'Pay now'.
    10. Complete your payment details and select ‘Next’.

    Credit / debit card 

    1. Enter your credit / debit card details. 
    2. Make payment. 
    3. Check your email for a confirmation email. 
  • Booking conditions

    Bookings open week prior to the class start time (to the minute). 

    Cancellation policy  

    Cancellations made no later than 24 hours prior to the booking will result in a product return being added to your online customer account.

    If you cancel for medical reasons, you must present a medical certificate up to week after your booked sessions to receive a product return to your account.