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Members currently have the option to pay as you go or if you’re eager to return to a more regular routine, you can now reactivate your membership. All members have been sent an email about membership reactivation. If you have not received this, please contact us about reactivating your membership.

To ensure you receive the latest centre updates and information you can update your details online.

If you have questions about your membership please visit our contact our team.

Full Access

$21.50 pw ($17.50 pw concession)

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Active Adults

$12.50 per week (age over 50)

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$14.50 pw ($11.50 pw concession)

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Gym Access 24/7
Gym Access Limited Hours
Pool Access
Group Fitness Classes
High Intensity Classes
Active Adults Classes
Aquatic Classes
Gym Consultations and Personalised Programs
Health & Wellness Seminars
YMCA 10 Pass Card
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  • How to Join

    The best way to join is by calling into the centre.

    We'll work with you to meet your health and fitness needs, ask you about personal goals and help you create a fitness program that keeps you motivated.

    We'll get you to fill out a:

    • membership application form
    • direct debit form, to pay your fees.

    24/7 Access

    We are pleased to offer 24/7 access as a value add to applicable memberships. Before you can be granted this access, you are required to:

    • Provide a signed copy of our 24/7 Access Terms and Conditions
    • Complete the Health Screen questionnaire while signing up with one of our customer service members. If you answer yes to any questions, a medical clearance letter from your doctor is required
    • Complete a brief induction at the centre which will take you through the operation of the centre during unstaffed hours.

    Only members who are 18 years or older are permitted to have 24/7 access.

    Terms and Conditions

    YMCA 10 Pass Card

    When you become a member, you also receive a YMCA Members card. Valid for 12 months, this card gives you ten complimentary visits to any participating YMCA Victoria managed facility in Victoria, so you can keep working towards your fitness goals even when you're not near our centre.

    Free Consultation or Trial

    We've invested in our centre, our people and the right tools to help you smash your goals. Whether you want to lose weight or learn to swim, we're here to get you on the right track. Take the first step with a free trial and see what Horsham Aquatic Centre has to offer. Try our wide range of classes, check out the weights floor or join our Freestyle Group Training classes – fast and effective workout sessions.

  • Paying Membership Fees

    Pay fortnightly, by direct debit

    Usually, memberships are paid fortnightly by direct debit. You can pay from any of your accounts that allow direct debit, including a credit card account.

    Debits are made every second Thursday (or the following business day if it's a public holiday). It may take a few days for the debit to show on your account.

    Pay 6-monthly, by arrangement

    You can choose to pay in 6-month blocks.

    Arranging payment

    To arrange a fortnightly direct debit or a 6-month payment, contact customer service at the centre.

    If you have any questions about payment, call us on (03) 5382 2576.

    Your obligations with direct debit

    You must ensure that you:

    • have enough money in your account on the direct debit date, and up to 5 days after
    • make any changes to your direct debit details at least 48 hours before a payment is due
    • request in writing if you want us to stop your direct debits, and give us 14 days written notice if you want to cancel your membership

    Payment failures

    If your direct debit fails we will:

    • notify you by SMS, email or post - so make sure you keep your contact details up to date
    • charge a $10 administration fee
    • ask you to pay the outstanding amount at your next visit to the centre, or add it to your next direct debt.

    We will continue to debit your account for any amounts outstanding, after making reasonable efforts to contact you.

    Changes to fees and other membership conditions

    We will give you at least 28 days written notice of any changes to membership fees.

    We reserve the right to change other membership conditions, including opening hours, services and facilities.

  • Suspending or Cancelling Memberships

    Suspending your membership

    You can suspend your membership for a minimum of two weeks, and up to 26 weeks. To do this you must:

    • fill out an amendment form at the centre
    • lodge the form at least 3 business days before the start of your suspension.

    You will pay $5 per week while your membership is suspending, except for the first 4 weeks in any calendar year. 

    Medical suspensions

    To suspend your membership on medical grounds, you must provide a valid medical certificate covering the relevant dates. We cannot backdate a medical suspension beyond 1 month.

    You will not pay any fees during a medical suspension.

    Cancelling your membership

    You must give us 14 days notice in writing to cancel your membership. You must pay all outstanding fees before you can cancel. Credits on your account are not refundable.

    We recommend you contact your bank to confirm the cancellation of direct debit membership payments.

  • Membership Terms and Conditions
    Click here to download Horsham YMCA's Membership Terms and Conditions

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